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ol' stuffs, got folders for pastel, pencil, digiworks, and something for my thingies :P


*hold your breath!


like i'm sooo excited.
At the end of each month, I'll feature some of my fave DA artists here.  I've already collected pieces along with free mural doodles done by them (so lucky they agreed doing it for nothing in return, or so i think :P) This one's supposed to be for Feb, but upon reading i got thrilled and decided to publish it right away.

...On the spotlight--- *MacDoninri

1. He's of MY age, but he definitely has gotten WAAAY too far in his career more than anyone in our gen. His tagline "will draw a lot to go back home" tells a lot; i've read about his past interviews (yup the dude has a star-o-meter; try to google his name and see a number of interviews for yourself) and learned he's abroad as an architecture student at some prestige uni.

2. He's a pureblood PINOY. Before Canada, he's studying at UST.

3. First artwork i saw done by him is a comic series he's done in first year college. I cant help but simply stare back at the whole awesomeness: the perspectives are just TOO pretty. I wonder where all the talent came from.

But of course, he's from the town of artists. Antipolo, Rizal :)

SO much for the blah, read on...


1. When did you start drawing?

I think I started drawing just before I started Nursery (pre-kindergarten). When my parents were teaching me how to write my name.

2. Who taught you?

No one, really. A few pointers here and there from various people, but I learned mostly by myself

3. Your first drawing is

Doodles. Then Pictionary games. Then maybe the church in front of our house.

4. Your favorite subject to draw as a kid

I like the cartoon Dexter's laboratory. So I like to draw techy stuff. Robots, cars, gadgets, etc.

5. Favorite artist when you were a kid

Whoever drew Dexter's Lab. Gendy Tartarovsky?

6. Present favorite artist/s

Kris Kuksi, Zac Crockett, Antoni Gaudi, and the concept artists of Guild Wars 2.

7. Favorite da artist

Kris Kuksi. Except his account is gone?

8. First medium

Probably pencil. Or crayon. Or as the elders call it, "KRAYOLA"

9. Best medium

Ink. It's my favourite and I'm most skilled at it. It's fast, clean, and fun, and permanent. And easy to scan. And you only have to think of a few colors.

10. Worst medium

Oil Pastel. I'm messy with it. No control. You have to clean-up afterwards. It gets everywhere. I draw technical details more than paintings. Hehe. I remember the first art competition I lost to is an oil pastel competition.

11. Dream art tool (softwares,paintbrush,etc.)

Manual: I want an variable tip pen with infinite ink. Yes!
Digital: For now, I just want to learn digital painting. Like super pro.

12. Favorite brand/s of art tools/medium

No favourite brands. I mostly use staedler pens, cause theyre readily available in my current location.

13. Worst brand/s of art tools/medium

The expensive kind. Cause I'm cheap. 

14. Technique you still want to learn/ use

Digital Matte painting
Imporved ink hatching and cartooning
Clean digital cartooning
3D modelling for architecture and games

15. Book/mag/cartoon/icon inspirations

The Art of Guild Wars 2
Star Wars: Complete Cross Section
101 Things I learned in Archtiecture School
Divination and Delusion: Kris Kuksi
Opey The Warhead Volume 1
Yes is More
Air Gear
Imagine FX
Metal Gear Solid
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy
Dexter's Lab

16. Rituals/unusual habits when drawing?

Sacrificial Virgin's blood in my drawing ink. ;)

17. Longest time you've spent on an artwork

Maybe a few months . A mural with friends

18. Your most favorite artwork done by you, and why

Gothic Industrial
It just shows my technique, my collective style, my thoughts
Detail, crowded, inked.
Also really important for me because this was for an entrance portfolio to my current architecture school.


19. Have you had any memorable fan encounters?

Nah. Nothing special.

20. Artist/person you've always wanted to interview

Slash from Guns and Roses

21. Your question to him/her

How did you create the Solo for November Rain

22. If i had the chance, I would ________

Go to the moon

23. The best thing about DeviantArt is ________

It's free art browsing, advertiing, sharing

24. But if there's one thing i'd change in DeviantArt, it would be ________

Hmm. Difficult. I usually would have a lot to say here, but I haven't been here in a while. Too busy with school and work. Maybe streamline the friendlists system. Add a dynamic search bar within favourites.

25. If am not in my art session, i am ________

Doing architecture school work. Playing videogames. Working as the university cartoonist. Trying to make music. Building fixing shit. Taking photos. 9gagging.

26. You'll never see me drawing __________


27. I'll never draw if ________

It will risk the life of people in the planet

28. Are you:

homebody or outgoing?
I guess I have an outgoing personality. But I like staying at home. Home can be my apartment, or my school desk.

day or night person?
I like sunrises.
I like working at night.

29. You prefer:

paper or computer? – PAPER. Hehe. Faster?
math or literature? – literature!
freehand or ruled drawings? Hmmmmm. both
black and white or colored? Black and white. Easier, faster.

30. Your message to aspiring artists

Keep drawing. Learn from others but don't copy everything.
Don't try to be your idol, try to be better.

31. Could u please doodle at my wall? (you know, the mural feature)

SURE  hehe :)


a cool doodle is up at my wall :)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
keofome. 22. just lurking around.
I started to love drawing at seven, as inspired by my uncle.
burning INTEREST in a lot of things (name it!)

I don't relax, I can't relax! It's only tension that's holding me together. (wanda)

let's just say i'm in a keo-tic disposition right now.
No one knows what lies ahead, nor what's in store for us.
But lemme quote pareng Steve Jobs:

" Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other people drown out your inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your :heart: and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become; everything else is secondary."

With God's help, of course...




wix: keofomedotcom


Current Residence: the P h i l i p p i n e s
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Favorite photographer: mehmet turgut
Favorite style of art: traditional | digital | illustration or fine
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Wallpaper of choice: monokuro boo | sailormoon
Favourite cartoon character: sailormoon | monokoru boo
Personal Quote: seize the day!

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